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Life Assurance Quotes

What type of Risk Cover do you need?

How much Risk Cover do you need?

How long will you need Risk Cover for?

Your answers will determine what mix and quantities of life insurance, disability cover, dread disease cover and accident cover you need.  This correct mix, and the ability to change it as your circumstances change, is crucial for sufficient risk protection.

You can choose life assurance cover up to the following limits:

R10 Million Life Assurance

To be paid to a beneficiary of your choice in the event of your death.

R10 Million Disability Cover

To compensate you if you are permanently or totally disabled.

R4 Million Dread Disease Cover

Protects you if you suffer a dread disease (e.g. cancer)

R45 000 Funeral Cover

For you, your spouse and your children.

Parents and extended family members can also be included on your policy.


*Insurer Dependent

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